Transformers: Legends Game Event – The B Team Part Deux

The newest Transformers: Legends game event is now waiting for you to join in the fun now that it has gone live! This new event is called The B Team Part Deux and is the second part of the event that took place on 6/29/13 called The Bee Team.

Event Synopsis:
With the surgical strikes perpetrated by BUMBLEBEE and his team a success, OPTIMUS PRIME orders PIPES to put together a team to protect a group of researchers at a seaside town.
As predicted, OVERBITE and NAUTILATOR attack the town, trying to steal the research for the DECEPTICONS’ leader. PIPES, SWERVE, SKYHAMMER, and HUBCAP strike back, intent on using their innate talents to keep their enemies from fulfilling their vile mission.
Will PIPES and his team prevail, or will OVERBITE and NAUTILATOR be able to destroy their diminutive enemies? Find out on TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS – “The B Team, Part Deux!”