Transformers Legends Commander Series Now Available on Takara Tomy Toy Mall

Originally thought to be a Transformers Expo exclusive back in August, the four Transformers Legends Commander Series toys are now available for order on Takara Tomy Toy Mall’s website! G1 Convoy (Optimus Prime), Beast Wars Convoy (Optimus Primal), and Lio Convoy are all the Robot Masters figures with new decoes and plastic lay outs, while Lost Age Optimus Prime (Age of Extinction Optimus Prime) is the One-Step figure with plenty of new paint operations himself. The first three figures are 2700 yen or roughly $25.50 USD and AoE Optimus is 1944 yen or roughly $18.40 USD.
Check out each of the order pages for more information:
G1 Optimus Prime
Optimus Primal
Lio Convoy
AoE Optimus Prime