Transformers Legacy Out This Week, Get a Sneak Peek

Out this week from IDW Publishing is the Transformers Legacy book. You may have heard snippets about the book and about it being “a celebration of Transformers package art”, yet still wondered what that meant. Well, here’s what it means: The book is a showcase of the amazing artwork and graphic design that has been part of Transformers packaging since the toy line’s start 30 years ago. Paintings of Transformers characters, battle scenes, and transformations, as well as packaging layouts, final card backs and boxes, and even related materials like puzzles, authors Jim Sorenson and Bill Forster have it all crammed in between the book’s covers. Even a few of the unreleased G2 toys have their artwork featured, making this the first time that the public has ever seen some of this art!
Read on to check out what sort of fantastic artwork the book has to offer. You can then place your order for it on Amazon or inquire at your local book or comic book store.