Toys R Us Australia To Sell TakTom Import MP Wheeljack

Shipping confirmation is still pending, but Toys R Us Australia will be stocking Masterpiece Wheeljack. More info after the bump.

Now, for those waiting for a possible Hasbro release, you’ll be slightly disappointed. This is not a dedicated western release. It’s simply a case of Toys R Us organising stock from Hasbro Asia. If past examples are an indication, it will also have been routed through Hasbro Australia. It will be the same as the TakaraTomy version that just came out last month. It is literally a shipment of those, to be sold exclusively at Toys R Us in Australia. This has happened in the past, with two examples being Toys R Us doing this same thing with Ghost Starscream, and Target Australia setting the bar way back when, for MP-02 Ultra Magnus.
It’s listed with a $99.99 AU price, which is the same cost as the Hasbro Prowl here. It has already appeared on TRU’s systems, and the SKN is 070737. We don’t yet know the exact release date, but being that it’s a custom shipment, and not a whole new run, it will probably be sooner rather than later. Likely in time for Christmas, one would assume. Thanks to the guys at the OTCA for the information.