TFSource’s Apollyon Pre-Order Shows Full Product Details

TFSource has another new pre-order up, and it’s something that got a lot of buzz at TFCon; a new ‘modern’ MP scale Megatron Apollyon.

The figure is listed for pre-orders now, and is priced at $149.95 right here. This XTransbots release is dated as a December release, and here’s the info on size and accessories per the listing: The robot mode stands approximately 24.5CM/9.6″ tall. Gun barrel /feet/ waist/back with die cast parts.
Accessories Include:
-Asteroid Wound Chest Panel
-Sigma Activation Key
-Clone Control Helmet
-Last Stand Energy Sword
-Mace & Chain
-Pistol of Betrayal
Alt Mode Enhancement Accessories/battle stand
bio card
The pictures also show that yes, it is indeed scaled to MP-10 Optimus Prime, meaning that you now have an appropriately sized leader for Soundwave, cassettes, and Seekers.


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