TakaraTomy Masterpiece MP-11SW Skywarp Not Seeing a Japanese Release

Since the announcement of Hasbro Asia’s / TakaraTomy’s MP-11SW Skywarp and his exclusivity to China, many fans have wondered if he was going to see some kind of release in Japan as either a mass retail release or some store / event exclusive.  This reporter reached out to TakaraTomy Japan to get the answer and received the following reply in regards to a MP-11SW Skywarp Japanese release:

Dear  Para Randy
We thank you for purchasing and loving TAKARATOMY products.
We have noted your mail.
In 2007, we had once sold this item in Japan.
Now the same item is sold by Hasbro Asia.
Thank you and best regards,
TAKARATOMY Customer Service Dept

So it looks for now that MP-11SW Skywarp is going to remain an exclusive to China.
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