Super Spychangers Brochure

“Super Spychangers Brochure”
Article: Hydra
Formatting: Might Gaine
Fire Convoy and the Cybertrons, having driven Gigatron’s Destrongers off the Earth, were confronted by a new menace. In order to compensate for the lack of God Magnus’ power, a plan to power up the Spychangers into Super Mode was put into effect. Outfitted with Spark Engines, the Super Spychangers go into action!


Super Artfire
He has gained the ability to manipulate high-temperature flames (the Blue Fire) at will. His dignified presence of leadership also seems to have grown.

Super X-Car
His gravity control abilities have improved, so by using his gravity control for independent flight, he gains high-altitude stealth functions. From day to day he immerses himself in research on improving the properties of the Spark Engine.

Super Eagle Killer
He has learned to use flight powers, making more three-dimensional tactical maneuvers feasible, and adding to his capability as a tactical strategist.

Super Ox
His physical power has come to surpass even that of Fire Convoy, but he doesn’t over-rely on his strength, as his gentle nature hasn’t changed whatsoever since his pre-super days.

Super Wars
Using his extra-reinforced armor as a weapon, he can shrug off bursts of enemy fire and barrel into his foes. His allies claim that they can feel calmer around him than before.

Super Counter Arrow
In addition to sharp shooting, his quick-draw capabilities have improved, to the point that in firearm-centered combat, it’s said that no one can possibly outdo him. He has been putting his enhanced speed to use with a special image-splitting attack.
Hydra’s comments:
Including story brochures with supplementary lines of Transformers is something that recently began with the Micromaster combiners, and I hope it continues from here. What really interests me is that this episode takes place after the conclusion of Car Robots, since God Magnus left with Brave Maximus at the end of the series. Some new enemy is drawing near. Who? Don’t know. I doubt Takara does either. I wonder whether Ichikawa wrote these bios, since they are pretty well rounded expansions of the previous characters. Wars is especially amusing. For those of you who don’t remember him in Car Robots, he was a militant Cybertron who was obsessed with firing his machinegun. Apparently now that he isn’t so reliant on it, the other Cybertrons can breathe a sigh of relief. Hopefully Spychanger reissues will become a consistent thing in Japan, like the Micros. Until then, “You can fight! Spy changers!” (from the box)