Steel Core Trailers Now Shipping

FansProject Core have sent out an email confirming that Their Steel Core Trailers will begin shipping this week. Those who ordered the standard trailer can expect to see theirs a little sooner than those who ordered the deluxe package. Hit the jump for the details.

WB002EX – Core Trailer Shipping!
Great news for all of our fans that have pre-ordered WB002EX… Shipping of the Steel Core Trailers starts this week.
Please note that due to the volume of this pre-order, shipments will be split into 2 parts:
1) Shipping of Standard Trailer Package orders ship out between Oct. 23 – 27
2) Shipping of the Deluxe Trailer Package (with Steel Core) ship out between Oct. 28 – 31
Please note: All orders are shipped out using trackable USPS Priority shipping in the USA and Expedited Canada Post shipping in Canada. International orders are shipped with trackable USPS Priority International shipping.
Package delivery times vary and depend on location of destination. Delivery times are not guaranteed by USPS and Canada Post. However, best efforts are made to follow estimated delivery times.