Rebel Scum Reviews Rebels Saga Legends Wave 1

Now this is how you do reviews. Rebel Scum has posted their review of Hasbro’s Rebels Saga Legends Wave 1. The reviews are limited half a dozen lines or less, offer insightful comparison to other releases, and are accompanied by a series of perfectly angled turn-around photos. It’s a great review of this first wave and an even better example of how toy reviews should be done. Enjoy the sample after the fold, but check out the full review here.

SL06 C1-10P (Chopper)
This little guy is the right size for the line, but it doesn’t do much. Three points of articulation and a simple paint design. This is a figure that could really use a couple more bells and whistles. If it had its third leg, er, wheel or articulated arms, it would be much better. Considering how much moxie the character has, this is also going to be a tough figure to find… at least at first.