Peter Cullen Added To Australian Supanova Line-Up In Adelaide And Brisbane

Peter Cullen is a fairly regular guest at Botcon and the like. It’s unusual and wonderful to see he’ll be in Australia to receive a very warm welcome from the locals.

With several guests for the Brisbane and Adelaide shows dropping out due to schedule conflicts, an annual occurrence due to distance, they needed more bang for the guest buck, to compensate for the loss. They’ve delivered, adding Peter Cullen as one of the two new headliners announced, the other being Jack Gleason from Game Of Thrones. There are usually one or two Transformers voice actors or writers and artists present, but there was a noticeable dearth of them in this year’s roster. This has now been fixed thanks to arguably the most legendary voice actor from any Transformers series. He’ll be appearing at the Adelaide Supanova from November 21-23, and in Brisbane on November 28-30. Tickets are still available, so click here to go to their site and see the press release, guest roster, and to book tickets for the event.





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