OAFE’s Review Of Marvel Universe Death’s Head. It’s Good, Yes?

Our friends at OAFE.net have reviewed the long-awaited Marvel Universe Death’s Head figure. Info after the bump.

Death’s Head is an iconic part of Transformers lore, owing to his memorable appearances in the UK comics. The Marvel Universe version, which is a 4 inch scale figure, was shown long ago, but seemed to have been forgotten by Hasbro, as it appeared to be stuck in release limbo. It’s finally been released, and has been available for a while now, but should also be a reasonably easy figure to find on the pegs. It looks like a nice addition to the more esoteric section of your displays, and really, he needs a Shockwave next to him. The final photo in the review shows him next to Classics Hot Rod, so you can get a good idea of just how this figure may or may not fit for you. Click right here to be taken to the review, yes?