New In-Hand Images of Transformers Generations Chromia!

Tober of the Australian based TF site Ozformers has posted up some in-hand images of Transformers Generations Chromia along with a review of the collectible. You can scroll below the break to view the images along with his review.

Name – Chromia
Series – Generations
Size/class – Deluxe
New/remould/redeco – New
Wave – 5
Released here – Not yet
Approximate Retail Price – $17.00US
Approximate Size – 13cm
Allegiance – Autobot
Alt-mode – Cybertronian Motorcycle
Main Features/Gimmicks – Fembot
Main Colours – Blue and light blue
Main Accessories – gun
Robot Mode
The thin body and wheels on the back of the legs are reminiscent of Prime Arcee and Animated Prowl with her front wheel, canopy and cowling hanging behind her back. Her articulation is decent with a range of motion in her arms and legs, approximately 90° at her elbows and 120° at her knees. There is no waist movement but the wrists, hips and elbows are on ball joints. Light-piping for her eyes.

The ball joints are a softer plastic and whilst transforming I thought I was going to break/tear them. 
Cybertronian Motorcycle Mode
Reniniscent of the TRON light cycles, her alt mode is an enclosed motorcycle. Her gun can attach to the side of the bike and there is a kick-stand. And no, I couldn’t get Arcee to ride on the cycle by raising the canopy, she’s too big.
From bot to alt mode it’s rather tricky. And there was that point at which I was worried about tearing the elbow ball-joint by rotating it. Otherwise it takes a bit of fiddling about to get everything lined up correctly. Transforming from cycle to robot was much easier with a auto-transform gimmick connecting the chest and hip pivots.

I like Femmebots, bikes and TRON, so this is an interesting addition. I haven’t read IDW’s Dark Cybertron yet, but I think weather or not people will want this figure will come down to their liking of the character.