Update On 3P Toy-Accurate MP Wheeljack Launchers, With Physical Prototypes

It’s hard to be a 3P startup and score consumer interest in an already over-saturated market. This may do the trick for the G1 toy purists, and is an update on this piece from 6 days ago.

While the upcoming MP-23 Exhaust will have these style of launchers, Guild Of Concoctionous Intent is producing a set based off the same basic design from the original G1 Wheeljack toy, as an alternate, and more immediate way to get that Wheeljack looking ‘just right‘. They are also compatible with the Masterpiece Lambo guys, meaning they work with Sideswipe G1 and G2, Red Alert, and Tigertrack. They really look great and blend perfectly with G2 Sideswipe, so that gives even more options, suitable for the crazy G2 comic look. The pre-order for them is available here, and these are set for release in December, at $39.99 per pair. The pics have been mirrored below.