More Previously Unseen Concept Art from Transformers: The Movie

Allspark member D.M has stopped by to let us know about some new pieces of previously unseen concept art from Transformers: The Movie from artist Floro Dery. One of the pieces features an early (and very different) character design for the Quintessons!

Transformers fans know Floro Dery as the designer who created many of the Transformers animation models for the Generation One cartoon series, simplifying the character designs based on the pre-existing Diaclone and Microchange toys. Dery has recently taken to selling prints of some of his Transformers concept art through his Etsy shop, and many of these listings are giving Transformers fans glimpses of some rarely-seen concept art.
The sketches show a very different, bipedal concept for the Quintessons. Even more surprising, a concept for a transforming moon of Unicron, labeled “Mini-Unicron, sidekick of Unicron.” Galvatron’s spaceship is shown in another sketch, and we also learn a bit more about the doomed planet of Lithone, which apparently orbits a pair of binary stars made of metal.
Though some of the prints of the sketches have now sold out on Dery’s Etsy page, thanks to D.M we have the images for you here at the Allspark! Join the discussion in D.M’s thread HERE.