Maz Presents An Interesting Scenario: After Losing All, Who Would You Repurchase First?

Maz’s blogs are always an interesting read, but this one is an especially interesting one for us all. More after the jump.

The question is simple: If for some reason you lost your entire collection, who would you buy back first? It’s a difficult one, as you mentally try and picture every single piece in your collection, and how hard it’d be to get another. It’s even worse when you consider prototype pieces, especially hardcopies. There’s also sentimental value to consider: is that junky G1 Bumblebee from childhood able to be replaced by one  you know wasn’t yours? He asks the question to all readers in general, and has asked it to specific collectors for the article, who supply their responses. It’s an entertaining read, and is available via clicking right here, to be taken to the TFSource hosted blog.
So, sound off in the Allspark forum thread, and let us know your decisions. The only definite is that everyone’s answer will be unique.