Hasbro’s Guidelines for 3D Super Fan Art on Shapeways

Hasbro have given their first round of approvals for the official Super Fan Art product on the Shapeways web site. We send our congratulations to all those artists that received approval! Hasbro and Shapeways have also clarified what is and what is not permissible in the Super Fan Art category to help guide artists in the submission process.
Read on for the guidelines, and discuss this news in our Shapeways thread. Thanks to Trent Troop for the information.

Revised Content Guidelines
Designs (and related content) may not:
1. display genitalia on the Design 
2. display religious iconography
3. display vulgarity or offensive statements or other inappropriate display 
4. infringe the rights of a third party, including, without limitation, copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and rights of privacy and publicity. For example, don’t use anything that You didn’t come up with yourself, even if You intend your use to be an homage, a parody or a critique.
5. be defamatory
6. be obscene or pornographic
7. violate any applicable law, rule, or regulation, including, without limitation, by exploiting images or the likeness of minors
8. include any words, text, etc. 
9. use marks, symbols, designs or letters that signify hate towards another group of people
10. include content that depicts violence, is obscene, abusive, fraudulent or threatening, such as an image of a murder victim, morgue shots, promotion of suicide, etc.
11. include content that glamorizes the use of illegal substance and drugs such as a person injecting a vial of a substance in their body
12. be generally offensive or in bad taste
13. use brand names, slogans or logos
14. use any characters, characterizations, or plots derived from a theatrical motion picture 
15. use photos, images, likeness, names or personal information (for example, without limitation, addresses, telephone numbers, or places of employment) of real persons. This includes celebrities and other famous people.
16. Include Weapons larger than 100mm when printed 
17. Include construction elements (e.g. KRE-O components)
18. Include brand “mashups” or “crossovers”, that is, cannot mix characters and/or worlds 
MY LITTLE PONY designs may not:
19. Include saddles on My Little Pony characters 
TRANSFORMERS designs may not:
20. Be capable of converting from one form to another 
21. Include Cybertronian text
22. Include third party vehicles (for example, Bumblebee’s vehicle form cannot be a Chevrolet 
23. Be Transformers Crossovers (for example, Marvel and Star Wars characters cannot be portrayed as TRANSFORMERS characters )
24. Be “Jetfire” in either vehicle or robot form from the 1980’s original TV show
25. Be “Megatron” in Gun form from the 1980’s original TV show
MONOPOLY designs may not:
26. Include third-party or Hasbro-branded tokens (for example, cannot have an Optimus Prime token, but can have a token that is based on a design entirely original to the artist)
27. Modify the corner spaces on the Monopoly board
SCRABBLE designs may not:
28. Spell out words or slogans Include modified numbers on the letter tiles. All tiles must have the correct number on them.
29. TBD [either we include here or delete heading]
30. TBD [either we include here or delete heading]
Hasbro reserves the right to reject or remove any Design if it fails to meet the Content Guidelines, as determined by Hasbro in its sole discretion.