EXCLUSIVE First Look At Armarauders: Shadowfront #1 Cover And Interior Page

We have some EXCLUSIVE art to show you today, courtesy of Mecha Workshop. We have the cover of #1, and a preview of page 04 from the same issue.

Mecha Workshop is ready to explode for Mecha fans, with the Bellerophon figure set and the new comic miniseries, Shadowfront, nearing release. Shadowfront is written by Brandon Easton, with EJ Su taking the reins for artistic duties. Brandon has written for the Rescue Bots animated series and is an experienced comic and film writer. He comes with a ‘seal of quality’ in the form of an Eisner Award nomination, an achievement in and of itself. EJ Su is handling the art side of Shadowfront, which also extends to EJ-original designs for mechs, weapons, characters, gizmos, and more. Transformers fans will recognise EJ as the artist for much of IDW’s initial Transformers output, including Infiltration, Escalation, most of Devastation, and more. If you’d like to see our previous piece showing our first look at other Shadowfront designs, that’s available by clicking here.
We can now reveal another exclusive first look: the cover for Shadowfront #1, and a preview of page 04. Note that the cover is shown here in 2 different configurations, with the latter working with the landscape layout approach taken with the Armarauders comics so far. That’s a gamble that has paid off in spades, as it really gives you a chance to better appreciate the sheer scale of these towering mechs, and is a perfect fit for the veteran artists we’ve seen so far, who are no strangers to maximising the ‘wow’ factor in their art. The previous miniseries and mech designs, including the design for the Bellerophone figure set, were handled by another popular former TF alumni, Don Figueroa.
Enjoy this first look, and keep checking the Allspark, as we will be bringing more updates for the Bellerophon and Shadowfront. The official Armarauders Facebook page is available via clicking here, and offers plenty of freely accessible content, along with the latest updates and photos. Don’t forget to ‘Like’ their page to access free content such as prototype photos of the Bellerophon, beautiful Don Figueroa poster pieces, and even free access to full issues of the current comics (the first 3.5 issues of the initial miniseries, also drawn by Don). Keep checking that page regularly as there’s a lot of announcements coming up, and you don’t want to miss those.
We’re proud to showcase these images for your enjoyment. Simply click the thumbnails below to view them in a larger gallery format.