Comic Bom-Bom: 1985 (with text story)

“Comic Bom-Bom: 1985 (with text story)”
Article and Translation: Hydra
Formatting: Might Gaine
Source: Comic Bom-Bom, July to Dec 1985
Note: For this article we decided to leave most of the text untranslated.

“A Birth of Planet Saybertron” [sic]
What’s the story behind the home world of the Transformers, Planet Seibertron?  In this installment we give an in-depth feature on the planet and the creation of the Transformers!
Billions of years ago, a number of planets that were home to advanced civilizations formed an alliance in the name of cultural exchange. However, the mingling of planets whose residents differ in both form and ideal more often than not leads to war. Occasional conflicts erupting in space became a chronic problem, soon spreading throughout the galaxy.
Becoming aware of the crisis gripping the galaxy, ambassadors from each planet assembled in a peace conference, attempting to restore bonds that had grown strained among conflict. After long discussion, a suggestion was made that an observation unit should be created to maintain the peace. This was to take the form of a space station possessing knowledge, power, and a wealth of data. The greatest scientific minds from each planet came together to complete a space station known as “Seibertron,” equipped with a massive computer processor. Seibertron was sent into space without incident, and a long period of war drew to an end…
However, this peace was not fated to last. The design of Seibertron was all too perfect, allowing it to form an intellect and will of its own! In its next step, Seibertron emitted a powerful electromagnetic pulse that drew in nearby spacecraft and satellites, absorbing them into the planet to grant it even greater power. What was once a solitary space station expanded upon itself to a massive planetary scale, and as it grew larger, it began to affect other planets as well. Due to the expansion of its brain functions, the computer began to malfunction, losing its regulative capabilities and shutting down all access, communication, and other functions. Finally, the alliance entered into a plan to shut down Seibertron’s main computer.
The project was formulated and put into action, but Seibertron armed its defense mechanisms, a system that prevented the approach of any object judged by the computer to be incompatible. The planetary alliance suffered failure after failure, and Seibertron soon evolved into a force so powerful as to be incomprehensible by terrestrial beings.
A civilization built through its mastery of computers had been laid to waste by the single cancerous cell known as Seibertron. Outbreaks of crime spread through the planets, energy and sustenance became scarce, and the life force of the alliance soon faded into nothingness. The planets grew desolate and still, and an era of darkness enveloped the galaxy. Only Seibertron remained, alone…
Hundreds of millions of years passed…
Beginning as no more than a mass of machines, it steadily changed its shape over a long period of time, evolving into a more effectively operating form: What could rightfully be called a sapient planet. It continued, forming metallic mountains and forests, and oceans of oil. Even more astounding, life forms emerged on the planet. The first were primitive machines, but the life forms showed a steady and deliberate evolution.
This was the birth of super robot life forms, the Transformers. In order to elevate their intellects and abilities to a higher level, rapid scientific and technological advancements were constantly being achieved. Who would have imagined that this process would escalate into a feud among the Transformers? The powerful science of their creation had drained Seibertron’s energy resources dry. The skirmishes born from conflicts over energy eventually expanded into a great battle between those who sought to protect, and those who would destroy. The destroyers, known as Destrons, sought to continue the expansion of their civilization, even while knowing that the continued extraction of energy would mean their planet’s destruction. (Naturally, their ultimate goal was rule over Seibertron and control of the entire galaxy.) As for the protectors, known as Cybertrons, they were aware that Seibertron possessed regenerative capabilities, and advocated gathering energy from other planets. The viewpoints of the two forces were polar opposites.
A long war ensued. Eventually the battles came to a stalemate, and the Cybertrons initiated construction a spacecraft for exploration. The Destrons had no intention of letting this come to pass. The Destron battleship pursued the Cybertron spacecraft as it launched from Seibertron, and the warriors of both armies were forced into crash landing on an unknown world, Earth…
Hydra’s comments
Who would have imagined that coverage of one of the most influential series of the 80’s began in Comic Bom-Bom with… a pair of talking penguins? I’m sure nobody guessed what was in store for them.
Since this gallery is just from the first release year of 1985, a lot of the pages are spent getting to know the main characters, with some of the great art from Studio Ox that would become more common as the magazine continued. However, the gem of this run is really “A Birth of Planet Saybertron” (their spelling, not mine). This origin story for Seibertron gives what can now be regarded as a unique and sophisticated micro-continuity. It seems to strongly establish a higher reader age than TV Magazine, as I don’t know how many young elementary school kids are going to understand the metaphor of a “single cancerous cell.” Since Quintessons entered the TF fiction with the movie, this was a good alternate explanation for the planet and its inhabitants, and it’s conceivable that it was based in part on the Marvel origin story, what with its “naturally-occurring gears, levers, and pulleys.” Alternately, the notion of a computer growing too intelligent and running amuck may have been an influence from “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Certainly, other elements of Transformers have almost certainly been cribbed from the movie, such as Devil Z’s true form in Super God Masterforce.
As usual, we also get Bom-Bom’s spectacular character design contests, which are all based around a certain theme. The December issue has a dragon Transformer… named Scourge… Wow! Clearly Hasbro’s renaming of Galaxy Force Flame Convoy as “Scourge” was homage to this brilliant young creator?!