Clear & Full Stock Photos of TakaraTomy Legends Brainstorm, Swerve, & Tailgate

TakaraTomy Mall has updated their website with our first full online images (not counting cropped or magazine scans) of the upcoming TakaraTomy Legends (Generations in Japan) LG09 Brainstorm, LG08 Swerve & Tailgate figures!  The images give us a good impression of the changes to each figure from their Hasbro counterparts.

Brainstorm has a lot of additional red and silver paint in robot mode as well as likely slight changes in the various plastic colors throughout the figure.  Also shown is his tech spec readout built into his chest.
Swerve and Tailgate both feature colors and details to bring them closer to their G1 toy counterparts.  Swerve is darker red and a more vanilla colored white with additional detailing in truck mode.  Swerve’s partner is no longer Flanker / Sky High but Phaser, changing the blue and white to white and red.  Tailgate is rendered in a darker teal with silver replacing the detailing on his chest and coating his head.  The flames in car mode have been removed and extra silver detailing added to the front of the car.  Groundbuster features darker colors and a different paint layout than his Hasbro counterpart.
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