Beast Wars Neo Manga: The Lost Chapters

“Beast Wars Neo Manga: The Lost Chapters
Article: Hydra
Formatting: Might Gaine
Sources: Kondansha T.V. Magazine, Kodansha Books, Hasbro/Takara toy lines
Imaki Shouji’s foreword:image0021
In answer to the enthusiasm of my beloved readers, the adventures leading to discovery of the three Angolmois capsules that went unexplained in the main story will now be revealed! As Imaki Sensei lays down his G-Pen to pick up a pencil, the curtain rises on a compilation exclusive project!  [Hydra’s note: These three illustrated short stories were expanded from the three panels at the beginning of the sixth manga chapter, which briefly showed the acquisition of the fourth, fifth, and sixth Angolmois capsules.]
Ultra-Exciting Passionate Adventure Pictorial Tale:
Break Through! The Polar Bear Raging Claw Fist! (First half)
A thunderous rumble! At a single moment, everyone around rushed towards Big Convoy. They were within the sanctuary of the “Byacrane,” a sinister religious cult scheming for control of the entire galaxy. Although they discovered the fifth Angolmois capsule, which was being worshipped as a holy vessel, Big Convoy and his men had been found out by the priests.
“Can’t be helped. Fight ‘em off!” Even before Big Convoy’s order, Break and the others readied for battle. Having survived countless past trials, they too possessed the skills inherent to warriors.
Just as they thought they had overpowered nearly all the priests, a deep voice echoed throughout the sanctuary. “Who is it that dares defile our sanctuary? With my own hands, I will take their lives!” The source of that voice proved to be a polar bear Transformer, the founder of Byacrane, Missionary Kuma Kinkin!
What is the terrifying power of evil leader Kuma Kinkin? And the result of his battle with Big Convoy? The tale progresses on page 74!
Break Through! The Polar Bear Raging Claw Fist! (Second half)
“Roaarrr!” Despite weighing in with a body that must have been twice the size of Big Convoy, Kuma Kinkin was exceedingly nimble. With both arms sheathed in Bearnium gauntlets, he relentlessly struck at Big Convoy. Indeed, having lost his powerful weapon, the Big Cannon, in the previous battle, Big Convoy seemed to be holding off against a numerical superiority.
However, this was in fact part of Big’s plan. Having forced the missionary’s hand just enough, Big Convoy drew out his Mammoth Haaken and sliced it off. “Gyaaah!” Big Convoy drove one final blow into the missionary’s forehead! The weapon was none other than Kuma Kinkin’s own right arm.
What does the future hold for Big Convoy and crew, who so admirably reclaimed the fourth capsule from a den of heathens? Continue on page 110!
[Hydra’s notes: “Byacrane” is almost certainly derived from “byaku” (white), and “crane.” The “kuma” of Kinkin’s name means “bear,” but since it is a name, I decided to leave it as such.  Big Convoy no longer has his Big Cannon because in the manga volume preceding this chapter story-wise, Saberback pulls it off into space. Nice eye for continuity.]
To Jellyfish, With Love! Cry Out, Stampy Blade! (First half)
Having ascertained that the fifth Angolmois Capsule was on the planet Wednesday, an aquatic planet with a surface covered entirely in ocean, Big Convoy’s crew commenced their nautical investigation. “Look out, Break!” “Uwaah! What is this thing!?” Break had been seized by a tendril of the giant jellyfish that resided in the ocean. As the jellyfish throttled Break with terrible strength, Corada let fly with a burst from the gun on his left arm. Just able to catch his breath, Break was ready to strike out with the finishing blow, when Stampy jumped in between them! “Hold on, Break! I’ve got a feeling like this jellyfish is just being controlled by the evil influence of the capsule.” With those words, Stampy used his Stampy Blade to slice through the surface of the jellyfish!
What in the world could be hidden inside the giant jellyfish? And what about the location of the capsule? The startling conclusion is on page 146!
To Jellyfish, With Love! Cry Out, Stampy Blade! (Second half)
From the spot sliced through by the keen sharpness of the Stampy Blade, a capsule emerged. And then, at that moment… somehow, in the blink of an eye, the giant jellyfish changed its form into a girl Transformer. “I am Rahge, a queen who resides on this planet all alone. I had been cursed by that capsule for the longest time, and have you to thank for saving me from my torment.” As the queen grasped Stampy’s hands, his face blushed red. “You are a magnificent person. Please stay here with me forever.”  “What!?” In a single moment, Stampy’s heart was moved. Yet, remembering that he had a vital duty to fulfill, he decided to take care of his business on Planet Wednesday later…
After you’re done shedding tears over the tale of Stampy’s secret love, turn to page 182 and tremble at the harsh fate awaiting our crew!
[Hydra’s notes: The queen’s name, Rahge, is derived from the Japanese word for jellyfish, “kurage.” Based on the manga epilogue, there doesn’t seem to be any indication that Stampy ever returned to Planet Wednesday. What a playa…]
Jailbreak! Graviton Prison! (First half)
This is the Graviton Prison. It is the place where the most vile criminals of the galaxy are held captive, and when Big Convoy and crew dropped in to seek the sixth capsule, they too were caught by the giant warden robots and locked up in a cell. “What’s the deal!? I only came here on military duty… Augh!” With a loud smack, Break struck his head on the floor. Within the prison, a gravity field significantly larger than that of a normal planet is generated. “Those guard robots have lost it. Must be an effect of the ultra-gravity,” Big Convoy muttered. On top of all this, the prison itself floated at the mouth of a black hole, meaning that even if someone got out, they’d be sucked into null space in no time flat. Whatever will be the fate of Big Convoy and crew!?
Is there no way out for Big Convoy, a mere slave of this impregnable and inescapable gravity hell? Find out on page 218!
Jailbreak! Graviton Prison! (Second half)
“Grraaah!” Big Convoy’s jumping strength was truly incredible. Fighting against the ultra-gravity, he launched himself many meters off of the floor. Then, when he shifted into the drop, his legs aided by the gravity, he launched into a kick exponentially stronger than normal. Blaaaam! With a massive burst of sound, a hole tore through the floor. “Jailbreak!” Quickly locating the capsule, they rushed outside still wearing their prisoners’ garb, while Navi turned the Gung-Ho towards them. They boarded the ship, but the pursuing warden robots seized hold of it. “Uoryaaah!” Big Convoy burst out with his deadly kick. The warden robots were sucked up into the black hole, and disappeared from this galaxy…
Now at the end of the search for the hard-fought capsules, and readying to face their final battle, glory be to Big Convoy and his five allies!
Manga Epilogue: What became of those five allies?

He was charged with the duty of instructing Cybertron recruits, but he really just screws around. Since Navi is in a support position, he’s always driving her to tears.

As a military reserve, he has withdrawn from duty in order to colonize an uninhabited planet similar to his former homeland, hoping to build a second Yolmungand there.
While working primarily in the field of personnel affairs and supply management (provision and transport of military supplies behind battle lines), he continues to study even more, aspiring towards admission into the Convoy Council.

Has become a valiant officer in the Cybertron army, and is adored by his subordinates. He still never forgets to send part of his wages back to his mother at home.

At the side of “The One Who Controls Space and Time,” he spends his days just as busy as always.
[Hydra’s notes: Corada’s name is listed here as Cobrage. Perhaps his original Yolmungandian name? Yolmungand is Corada’s former home planet, which was obliterated by the Blentrons. The god-like being that Heinrad covertly serves is never called anything other than “The One Who Controls Space and Time.” So, whether it’s Primus or whoever is not totally clear.]
Hydra’s commentsimage011
This is truly a great extra for a tankoubon compilation. Usually, in between chapter breaks, readers get some crap extra like a short character bio or extra sketch as thanks for buying the compilation. In this case, because of three throwaway panels at the beginning of the second to last manga chapter, we got three totally new illustrated stories elaborating from each illustration. Well, although it was really cool, I’m having a hard time believing that so many readers wrote in asking about the three capsules, like Imaki suggests. How many kids really penned letters begging Imaki, “Please, tell me more about the jellyfish in that one panel!!” It seems like quite a number of American fans aren’t fond of Imaki’s work due to his whimsical art style, but I’m hoping that as people read more translations of it, they can start to appreciate more of the humor and appeal, and quit dismissing it on surface impressions alone.