Hi-Res Dengeki Hobby December 2014 Scans

We saw some scans of the latest issue of Dengeki Hobby earlier in the week, but the Allspark has gotten their hands on the latest issue and provided some larger and clearer scans.  In addition to that, there are some additional pages left out of the scans provided by another site earlier this week that are now included.  In this issue we get a look at some of TakaraTomy’s final TF4 Lost Age / Age of Extinction figures in the form of AD-31 Optimus Prime, Toys R Us exclusive Rollbar (Skids redeco) as well as the Black Knight versions of Strafe, Slug, and Scorn.  Also shown is Wave 2 of TakaraTomy’s Legends lineup – which features Tankor, Whirl, and Roadbuster.  Also shown is the February 2015 Legends lineup in the form of Arcee, Chromia, and Windblade.  Each of the 6 Legends figures feature different paint jobs and decos than their Hasbro counterparts.  Last but not least is a feature on Masterpiece Bumblebee (due out at the end of November).
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