A Real Life Transformer!

It has finally been done! A Real Life Transformer has finally been made thanks to the geniuses over at Asratec Corp, Brave Robotics and the original Transformer designers Tomy! These corporations have all joined forces to build a small-scale, fully-functioning Transformer that starts as a car and becomes a walking, humanoid robot! Check out their demonstration video below the break!

The goal of Project J-deite is the building of a giant transformable robot 5m long. It is the same size as a car. An object of the same size transforms, walks, and runs,’ said Kenji Ishida of Brave Robotics.
The J-deite Quarter, which is one-fourth of its planned size, is roughly 5ft tall in its robot form and weighs 77lbs.
In its car form, it can drive at up to 6mph, though the developers have not yet made clear if the finished, full-size product will be able to accommodate a driver.
They’re also not planning to make it commercially available. But there’s always Kickstarter…