3rd Party Dealer Room Reveals – TFcon Chicago 2014

Thanks to TFW we now have some images of the 3rd Party Dealer room at TFcon and all of it’s juicy reveals! Check out the gallery below the break!

Hey look, some more third party stuff! 

Here for your enjoyment we have some delicious pictures of:

  • FansProject Cubrar / Slag Diaclone version, a TFcon Chicago exclusive!
  • Maketoys Utopia / Metroplex
  • Maketoys Nemesis / Scourge via a Metallica album cover
  • NTF-01 Hercules / Devastator, NTF-02 Tyrannorsaur / Grimlock and NTF-03 Triceratops / Slag – all large non transforming Action Master style figures.
  • Renderform Chromey, Stormy, Iron Magnum and Rivet Gun for Swerve.
  • Mastermind Creations Vos, Turmoil, Seraph, plus Azalea and Feralcons.
  • Mastershooter Ballgag & Hustler for Generations Nightbeat and Armada Starscream
  • Toyworld Shinebug / Goldbug and his remold / redeco Bungee / Cliffjumper.
  • Toyworld Devilstar / Astrotrain, a Leader class sized version of the Decepticon triplechanger.
  • ToyWorld Grant / Grand Maximus, limited to 180 pieces and exclusive to TFSource, and his recolor based on Fortress Maximus.
  • Bullsfire Swoop
  • Play With This Too had a huge display of concept art, including Boneyard / Pretender Grimlock, Jetwash / Pretender Starscream, Bloodbath / Pretender Bomburst. It’s not just Transformers in this line – they also have “Deep Earth Explorer” which is inspired by Inhumanoids…
  • Play With This Too also announced two new members of the team – Aaron Archer joins as a designer, and Simon Furman joins as the writer of the fiction for the series.