3A Toys Will Bring You Doom, In Doctor Form.

3A have now shown off not 1, but 3 very cool versions of Marvel’s iconic villain Dr Doom.

3A does have some relevance to Transformers fans too, as they do have a license for AOE toys, although we’ve yet to hear much more than that.  3A does high-end collectables, and was created by Australian artist Ashley Wood. Ashley has worked on both mainstream and indie comics, along with art books mostly via IDW Publishing. 3A likewise enjoys a good reputation, and has grown larger than just being an outlet for Ashley’s surrealistic designs. They also do more mainstream figures for popular games such as Portal 2. The detail in their work does tend to push them towards the expensive side, but they definitely have a knack for unique takes on familiar faces. Robot 6 has posted pics of all 3 Dr Dooms: a Classic Version, a Ghost Edition in white, and a Stealth Edition in black. The white in particular really pops, and could also serve double duty as a Future Foundation Doom.
Click here to be taken to Robot 6’s page and see 3A’s Dr Doom figure.