Wheeljack and Knock Out Coming to Transformers Universe

That’s right, Transformers Prime fans! If you’ve been suffering from not getting your fix of fan-favorite characters Wheeljack and Knock Out, you’ll soon have the remedy! Jagex has just sent us the announcement and we know how excited you’re going to be.
Read on for the announcement, you’re going to want to!

Wheeljack and Knock Out Confirmed as Signature Bots within the Expanding Barracks of TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE

Jagex has confirmed today that both Wheeljack and Knock Out, known to fans worldwide as characters from the Transformers TV series, will appear as playable warriors within TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE.

Premature news of their inclusion reached media overnight. While Jagex is willing to confirm their plans to include these, and many other signature bots, further details of their weapons, equipment, and special attacks will not be forthcoming at this time.


Mark Gerhard, Jagex CEO, said of the unscheduled reveal,“It’s regrettable that such recognizable faces from Transformers lore should prematurely appear in the public domain without the rightful fanfare they deserve. On a positive note we’re delighted that they’re already resonating strongly with both our existing players and the wider Transformers fan-base. It’s immensely encouraging to see this level of interest, especially as we look at our existing road map and the plans we have for the inclusion of many other signature favorites within the game later this year.”

Further details about both Wheeljack and Knock Out will be scheduled for release soon, as will additional information about Chromia and Flamewar — other lore-based warriors who were mentioned in the latest community update on September 5.