Valiant Latest Publisher To Have Humble Bundle Offer. Support Charity And Get Access To Up To $420 Worth Of Digital Comics

Valiant Comics, currently one of the hottest comic comebacks of the century, have stepped up and are now available as the current Humble Bundle on offer for the ‘Books’ category.

IDW did one with their Transformers comics back in July, which we covered here. This time it’s Valiant Comics, and they’re offering access to their entire line of current comics, meaning super-hero and quality sci-fi fantasy fans, among other genre choices, are in for a real treat. They’re also offering the Shadowman PC game for all donations above $1. It’s an older game, but that certainly does not determine quality.
You can have access to up to $420 worth of digital comics, in your preferred format/s, all for a minimum of $15. If you’d like to dip your toe in, they even have a rotating free issue for your perusal. It works by you paying what you think is a fair price for what is on offer on the various tiers, while also taking into account that funds can be allocated to charity, leading directly to saving lives and looking after the less fortunate. There are minimum amounts to unlock the various tiers, but the highest tier, offering everything, requires a minimum donation of said $15, though of course we’d hope that people would donate above that, considering the mammoth amount of content you’re getting, and the fact that it goes to various charities that are making a REAL difference in people’s lives, depending on how you determine the percentages of your donation paid to said charities, Humble, and/or Valiant.
I have personally read the first story arc of X-O Manowar, and I enjoyed it far more than I was expecting, considering I had no prior knowledge of the 90’s comics, and never played the Iron Man/X-O Manowar game. I went into it with no knowledge, and was pleasantly surprised at how accessible and enjoyable it was, with that perfect combination of terrific writing and art that also does its share to tell the story and ‘wow’ you. That arc is included, along with loving updates of other offbeat classics such as the humourous Quantum And Woody, which features the (probably) only goat as a main character in comics. We’ve put several covers below to give you an idea of some of Valiant’s work, and you simply need to click the thumbnails to enlarge them. Yes, 2 of the 3 pieces we’ve shown below feature the 4 legged super-star. It’s worth taking a look at the site yourself, though, as there’s a wide range of titles on offer. You don’t have to take them all, so you can pick and choose what you want, after you’ve made your donation.
Click here to be taken to the Valiant offer on the Humble Bundle site. Note that there are just over 8 days remaining on this offer, and there are other categories that may interest you too, such as PC games and apps. With up to $420 worth of comics available, you’ve got yourself some serious reading ahead of you.