Unique Customs: Soundwave Portable Workstation, And An Optimus Prime Chicken Coop

These may be the most unique portable workstation and chicken coop you’ll see today, and for quite a few more days after that.

Allspark Forum member Gelmir posted a rather interesting custom job he’d done for his own use: a transforming Soundwave portable workstation, in essence a full work area contained in one simple box. He’s done a marvelous job, and it’s really something special. We’ve mirrored the video below, plus 2 pictures showing it before and after ‘transformation’. The thread itself is located here, which also contains his link to the full worklog, if you’d like to see a written version of the build process beyond what is contained in the video. Enjoy the video, and/or click on either pic to enlarge it. Be sure to scroll down afterwards, as we go to something even stranger.


Here were have something that is even quirkier: an Optimus Prime chicken coop. I guess this could conceivably be the first unofficial Angry Birds/Transformers product, but it appears there’ll be no anger here, as these chickens have a good life ahead of them. This is another custom project by Gelmir, and leaves one wondering what he’ll do next. Below are mirrored pics of select photos during the final stages of the build process. The full build can be found via here, courtesy of the Overclockers Forum.
Here’s the project in Gelmir’s own words: “My criteria for the coop was for it to be Mobile, reasonably small (only needs to house 2 chickens), Roost at one end, decent area for them to walk around. With all that in mind an image of a truck come to mind & what better truck than a G1 Prime?”

He still has some finishing touches ahead of him, but it’s already looking fantastic. Certainly one of the most unique ways to house chickens we’ve seen in… ever, really. Please note the captions for the thumbnails are his own description of what we’re seeing. Simply click on any pic to enlarge.

If you think you have something even stranger than the chicken coop, let us know about it, via the Allspark Customs Forum.