Two New Characters to be Revealed in The “Transformers: Universe” Live Twitch Event!

The people behind “Transformers: Universe” (Jagex) are letting everyone know that in their live twitch event tomorrow at 6:00pm BST (1:00pm EST) there will be two all new characters revealed!

We’ll be previewing two brand new warriors for the first time on Monday 22nd September at 6pm BST / 7pm CEST / 10am PST.
Autobot Outsider – Outsider beams in and out of battle in the blink of an eye! This warrior utilizes unique teleport abilities to dodge bullets with his tactical ingenuity. Don’t let his 60’s style fool you, this Autobot isn’t as peaceful as he looks.
Decepticon Pandemic – Pandemic has a fighting style that is infectious! Taking pleasure in poisoning anyone not blessed with his own sharp style, this snake like Decepticon sinks his fangs into his enemies.