Transformers: Legends Event – “Unicron Returns” Begins

The excitement ramps up and the stakes are high in the Transformers: Legends mobile game as a new event begins.  “Unicron Returns” features Ghost Starscream working with Unicorn in a bid to restore the giant Transformer!  Can the Autobots stop them in time?
Mobage’s blog has details about the event and app download links for your mobile device:

STARSCREAM, still a ghost, makes a deal with UNICRON for a new body. He goes to the DECEPTICON base, and takes control of SCOURGE and CYCLONUS. He leads the two DECEPTICONS to Earth, so they can fulfill UNICRON’S commands – for new eyes and a new body.
While SERGEANT KUP and SLINGSHOT fly to Earth to do a routine inspection on AUTOBOT CITY, SCOURGE and CYCLONUS, spurred on by STARSCREAM, head there to steal the mighty METROPLEX’S eyes.
After a fierce battle, the DECEPTICONS manage to escape with one, and head to their next task, to bring TRYPTICON’S body to UNICRON. The AUTOBOTS follow, intent on preventing whatever mayhem they intend to perpetrate.
Will they be able to stop STARSCREAM from reviving the galaxy’s greatest threat? Will UNICRON rise again? Find out on TRANSFORMERS: LEGENDS – “UNICRON RETURNS”!

Legends Unicron Returns Poster
Legends Unicron Returns Poster