Transformers Cloud TFC-A04 Roadbuster & TFC-D04 Hellwarp New Image and Preorder Window

Via TakaraTomy Mall’s home page, we have a new (and first official promo) image of the upcoming TakaraTomy Mall and eHOBBY exclusive Transformers Cloud TFC-A04 Roadbuster (Energon Ironhide) and TFC-D04 Hellwarp (Skywarp) as well as the window for preorder!

The figures will be available to preorder from September 24, 2014 to November 4, 2014.  If the pattern holds true, Roadbuster should be an exclusive to TakaraTomy Mall while Hellwarp will be an exclusive to eHOBBY Shop.
Roadbuster is a redeco of Generations Voyager Roadbuster in Superlink Roadbuster / Energon Ironhide’s colors.  Hellwarp is a redeco of Generations Voyager Sky-Byte in G1 Skywarp’s colors with a name based on the upgrade of BWII Starscream Hellscream.
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