Transformers Asia Reveals MP-20 Wheeljack’s Bonus Coin

The latest coin from Transformers Asia has been revealed, starring this month’s Masterpiece Wheeljack. It’s another nice entry to a line of very nice extras. Nice!

These coins have quickly turned from unwanted drawer-fillers to items that are hot on the secondary market, and when sold make your Masterpiece purchase even cheaper. There’s quite a dedicated audience for these. They are not with ALL orders of Masterpiece Wheeljack, so check with your retailer, as the offer does not generally cover Japanese pre-orders.
There’s not a whole lot to say on this one. It’s VERY Wheeljack, and it’s obvious who it is, which could be nice for those who couldn’t figure out what ‘Streak’s coin-packaging was meant to be (a car turbo). We’ve mirrored the sole pic below, but it’s also viewable by simply clicking right here. Otherwise, it’s just the latest news item on the page, which is located via this clickie.
Wheeljack is due for release this month, and is set for either the 20th, or perhaps the 10th. We’ll see.
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MP Wheeljack Coin