Transformers: Age of Extinction Mobile Game Update

For those of you who have been playing the Transformers: Age of Extinction mobile game, get ready for a whole bunch of new stuff! We’ve just received word that there will be an update for the game which includes a new level, new boss, new gear, and special live events!
DeNA has launched the first major update for TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction – The Official Mobile Game. To date, players have won more than 4.7 million boss battles, cleared over 100 million objectives, and defeated more than 1.8 billion enemies. The free game update features new iconic levels from the film including Hong Kong and Lockdown’s Ship, a new challenging boss, Stinger, the epic assault feature, the Chain Attack, and the introduction of Special Events Series to the game.
The Hunted Survival Missions is the first in the series of Special Events in theTRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction game and promises big in-game rewards for high scoring players. Tied to a unique series of stories, each Special Event will be available for a limited time and will have players testing their skills as they take on waves of enemies in an attempt to survive as long as possible and score the highest on the leaderboards. The Hunted Survival Missions will be available in the TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction game beginning today, Thursday, September 11th through Wednesday, September 17th.
About The Hunted Special Event:
It’s been five years since the Battle of Chicago. The AUTOBOTS are in hiding and being tracked down by the bounty hunter Lockdown and his minions. The chase is on, survive as long as possible in this endless runner and be victorious against Lockdown and his cronies!
Download the update and play the Special Event:
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