Tom Scioli on The Subject of IDW’s ‘Transformers Vs G.I. Joe” Comic

Over on, an interview has popped up with Tom Scioli on the subject of IDW’s “Transformers Vs G.I. Joe” crossover comic. In the interview Scioli talks about his work on the comic and how he didn’t have to go to deep into studying the material before throwing his masterpiece together. He says that he tries to put aside the fact that it’s a licensed book and convince himself that these are his own characters and drawings that he came up with and that he’s about to make a comic about them. This method gives him “the freedom to make this thing into a good comic”. He says that if he looked at it as “this is a license, I need to be true to the license, I need to hit the notes the fan base wants,” then it’d just be too overwhelming for him. 

He also answered a question that many people are asking which is: “How long will this comic play out?”. His reply was that he “could do it indefinitely”.
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