Today is the 30th Anniversary for the Transformers Cartoon

30 years ago today, the first episode of the Transformers cartoon aired and soon afterwards wide-eyed children across the United States (and then the world) fell in love with it! How do you remember watching that first episode? Were you immediately enthralled? Was your mind blown? Today is the day to contemplate just how that first episode led you down the path to become a Transformers fan!
And if the cartoon truly did grab your imagination, you may be interested in a petition that has recently popped up online. Essentially it asks fans to sign their names towards an effort to get IDW Publishing to pick up where the G1 cartoon left off in a new comic book series. Is that something you’d think would take off and be worthy of new title from the comic producer? If so, visit the petition and add your signature!
You can share and discuss your reaction to this anniversary in our Transformers Discussion forum.