Third Party News: Unique Toys O-01 Troll images and preorder

Our friends at Big Bad Toy Store have sent along images of the upcoming O-01 Troll figure from Unique Toys, the first member of their Ordin combiner team. Hit ‘Read More’ to see the photos!

With his hunched beast-mode stature and ape-like arms, Troll will remind Transformers fans of the G1 Terrorcon Blot. Prototype images show Troll as part of the combined robot Ordin, a great interpretation of Abominus. Although Blot was typically shown as one of the arms of Abominus, Troll is shown to be Ordin’s leg in these photos.
Unique Toys’ Troll is available for preorder at $104.99USD with an expected October 2014 shipping date, with other members of the team to follow. Check it out HERE at BBTS, and join the discussion HERE in B.O.T. Talk, the Allspark’s forum for all those not-quite-Transformers.



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