The Loyal Subjects 3 Inch Vinyls Wave 3 Teaser – Trailbreaker

TrailbreakerUtilizing yet another avenue of social media this week, The Loyal Subjects have released a teaser image for the next wave of their popular 3inch vinyls, this time on Instagram.  Who is the new figure, you ask?  Trailbreaker. And yes, it will probably be called that, and not the alternate ‘Trailcutter’, as seen on the recent Hasbro toy. Trailbreaker was present on their recent sticker sheet, and named as such, as well as having his own design featured on shirts and hoodies, guaranteeing him a spot in this wave.
It’s interesting to note that he appears to be done using the older articulation style, as seen on wave 1, and not the wave 2 bodies, which featured a dramatically different articulation scheme. Who will be revealed next? Scrapper or Wheeljack?
Check it out on their Facebook page.