The great taste of Soundwave and Star-Lord, together at last!

Always looking for unique threads to cover your carcass? Online clothier RIPT Apparel has a new 24hr design that’s sure to please fans of both Transformers and Marvel’s current megahit, Guardians of the Galaxy!

One of today’s RIPT offerings features a mashup design, halfway between Star-Lord and Soundwave. Remember how Star-Lord had that Walkman in the movie, and that one cassette tape he kept listening to? Designer Ninjaink does, and he also remembers the Decepticon tape-player guy from back then as well. With a creative flash unlike anything seen since the meeting of chocolate and peanut butter, the two are finally fused together for one of the neatest t-shirt pairings to come along since matched Underoos.
As of this posting, you’ve got a little over nine hours left to order the shirt. If you prefer, you can also buy it as wall art. Check it out HERE.