TFSS 3.0 Pre-Order Period Ends October 2nd; Closer Numbers than Other Rounds

The Transformers Collectors’ Club are reminding fans that the pre-order period for the third Transformers Figure Subscription will be ending on October 2nd. They’re also warning that this round will have closer numbers than the other two, meaning that there will not be as many individual figures available on the Club Store after the subscription is over. So if there are figures that you want, you may want to order the full subscription rather than risk missing out on the individual sales!
The third round of the TFSS includes: Serpent OR, Krok with Gatoraider, Nacelle, G2 Starscream, Carzap with G.B. Blackrock Kreon and converting gas pump Kre-O build set, Predacon Tarantulas with Arachnoid Minicons, and of course the bonus 7th figure which will also come with a Targetmaster figure! Also if you renew or join the Club now to order your subscription service, you get the Lio Convoy incentive figure.
Read on to see the tweets, and discuss the subscription in our Transformers Discussion forum.