TakaraTomy Legends LG08 Swerve & Tailgate and LG09 Brainstorm Announced

Site sponsor TFSource has put up some preorders for some upcoming Transformers Legends (the successor to Generations in Japan) LG08 Swerve & Tailgate and LG09 Brainstorm.

Swerve and Tailgate come packed with their Micromaster pals and Brainstorm comes packed with his Headmaster partner Arcana.  Swerve and Tailgate also appear to come packed with a Transformers Legends comic book!  The images are likely placeholders as each figure looks identical to the Hasbro release (sans Tailgate’s missing flame deco).  Whether or not the figures will undergo more changes has yet to be seen.

UPDATE Allspark member Buster Darkwings has confirmed that the images state that the Hasbro version is used for each picture, despite the removal of Tailgate’s flames.

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