Super Awesome Me Lets You Put Your Face on an Action Figure

Hasbro and Marvel  have teamed up with 3D Plus Me and Walmart to give super hero fans something super special. To celebrate Super Hero September, Hasbro and 3D Plus Me have placed 3D scanners in select Walmart and Sam’s Club stores across the country. Kids and adults alike can then use these scanners to capture an image of their face that will then be 3D printed onto a Hasbro action figure from the Marvel universe! Don’t head out to your local Walmart store looking for the scanner just yet – only 10 Walmart and 2 Sam’s Club stores nationwide have had them installed. If you’re one of the lucky few near one of the participating locations though, go get your head scanned!
Check out for more details and a list of Walmart and Sam’s Club store with the scanners.