Singapore Toy, Games, and Comic Convention Exclusive – MMC Steal Azalea

Mastermind Creations have  teamed up with The Falcon’s Hangar, a Singapore Toy Store, to make available an exclusive at the upcoming Singapore Toy, Games, and Comic Convention.  This exclusive, limited to just 500 figures worldwide, is a black repaint of their upcoming Azalea release, aptly named Stealth Azalea.  Here is a brief promo from TFH’s Facebook page
Unseen and unheard, the assassin strikes in the dead of the night! Rumors abound regarding the boosted capabilities of this robot. Cloned by the good doctor himself and subverted by evil means, this silent and deadly robot bears no allegiance to anyone except herself and her clones. Woe betide the robot who crosses her path!
Available at booth H15, show price: SGD$90.00″
Stealth Azalea