Save $10 on Age of Extinction toys at Target

Still trying to decide where to pick up Transformers: Age of Extinction on BluRay this week? Well, further muddying your logic circuits, Target is offering $10 off select figures if you pick up the movie.
The offer, seen here on Target’s ‘Weekly Deal’s flyer website, only seems to apply to a BluRay purchase of the movie (sorry, DVD aficionados), and can be applied to a handful of Age of Extinction figures. Target’s price for the BluRay release – which includes a DVD copy of the movie – is just $17.99, so combined with the discounted toy, it ends up being a pretty decent offer.
If you were on the fence on Mega 1-Step Bumblebee or Smash and Change Grimlock, here’s the excuse you’ve been looking for! The good news is the offer also covers Age of Extinction Voyager class figures.



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