Renderform’s Steelcore Upgrade Sets

If you’ve always wanted your Steelcore figure to it in on your Transformers shelves, Rnderform’s latest announcement may be for you. Their head upgrade kits allow FansProject’s original release to instead step in as Energon Ultra Magnus. Hit the jump for the press release and pics.

The new Renderform Steel Magnum and Iron Magnum heads are now up for preorder! These heads can be used with Fansproject’s Steelcore to give it a new look. Inspired by the Armada Overload/Energon Ultra Magnus figure, these heads can give Steelcore an updated Ultra Magnus look. The Iron Magnum head is based on the original prototype shown at TFCon 2012, and the Steel Magnum head is based on an updated custom design. Both heads are available in Steelcore colors, or Energon Ultra Magnus colors.
Also available is a special edition RFX-009R Red Sentinel head kit with an exclusive metallic red Leo Justice sword! Limited to 50 sets. This head can be used in combination with other core figures (sold seperately) to give Steel Core an even different look! The Red Sentinel head features yellow painted eyes and a metallic blue face, inspired by an early concept design for the head.
All heads are limited runs, and preorders are now open! Steelcore colored heads are limited to 150 sets, while the Energon Ultra Magnus heads are limited to only 100 sets.
Preorders will begin shipping on October 6th, and ship between November 5th.

Pre-order Here