New Mecha Workshop Pics From Singapore TGC Convention

With pre-orders due to be announced shortly, it seems like the perfect time to give a quick recap of what to expect. Even better, we have some brand new photos to help.

We’ve previously shown you pictures of Mecha Workshop’s Armarauders Bellerophon prototype, and exclusive art for the upcoming second miniseries with art by EJ Su,  a bevy of other Transformers creators involved, over the last few weeks. Those articles are available via here, here, and here. We’re now heading into the home stretch, and we’ve got time to show you one more round of photos, this time from last weekend’s Singapore Toy, Game, And Comic Convention, where company co-founder Valent Wang found himself with a spare few seconds to snap us some photos. We love new photos.
The main mech itself is called the Bellerophon, and was designed by Valent Wang and Transformers alumni Don Figueroa. As is typical for most mech series, there are several variants of the Bellerophon itself, customised for specialised operations and tasks, and sometimes by the pilots of these beasts. They feature differences to the core unit including weaponry, weapons positioning, bulk, combat accessories, and of course, colours. While the one we see here is still in the prototype grey, you can see the posters on either side of it on the top shelf, which show the first two variants: the one to our left with the primarily red background is the EF-JAT 47 FullGear Bellerophon. The one to our right features the Cam Custom EF-JAT 47 FG (FullGear) Bellerophon. Both look great, and ultimately, the choice lies with the buyers. Why not both?
On the bottom shelf you’ll see various parts laid out, showing the incredible amount of personalisation possible with each set. You’ll see everything from weapons, gear for the pilot, additional gantry display pieces, the works. You’re getting a lot of bang for your buck, and that’s always a welcome addition. Click the thumbnail below to enlarge the photos.
Pre-orders will be going up shortly, so stick with us as we cover the new developments for Mecha Workshop, and the wonderful assortment of creators involved, many of whom have titanium strong links to the Transformers franchise.