New Guiness World Record: World’s Largest Comic Collection

It doesn’t take long for a few comics to become a few too many comics. After that lies the path to shortboxes and other efficient storage solutions. But what if you just can’t get enough?

Bob Bretall has had a lifelong passion for comics. He’s been a reader and collector since age 8, and that zeal has lasted for 44 years and counting. To say he has a sizeable comic collection is something of an understatement. He believed that not only was his collection world-class, it may also be the world’s largest. Bob notified the folk at Guiness World Records, seeking to have his collection recognised as the world’s largest collection, a tag that seems hard to deny. They have since confirmed that they have added a new category for largest unique individual comic collection, and awarded it to Bob, a resident of California. At the time of the record, he owned 94,268 unique comics. That’s right, and that’s UNIQUE comics, so that’s not counting any variant covers or duplicates.
In the few months since his record was confirmed, he’s already added at least another thousand to that tally. He buys around 140 comics per month. The weight of the collection, at the time of the record confirmation, was 16,800 pounds (aka 7.62 tonnes), or the equivalent of 118 adult males. He does not like to talk about value, nor what key issues he has, which is a wise move for security, and shows his commitment to the medium as a hobby and a passion, and not merely an investment. He’s also aware that there will be others who will now come out of the woodwork, seeking to challenge his title. We could be in for a frenzy of even higher amounts being noted.
To read more about this startling collection, simply click here to be taken to our friends at CBR’s Robot 6 blog, who posted this story a few days ago. So, do you want to start counting and see how you stack up?
World's Largest Comic Collection


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  • Not actually correct:
    "Bob Bretall was noted in British publications at the beginning of the year, for having what they thought was a collection rivalled by no other. The folk at Guiness World Records were notified, and they have since confirmed that they have added a new category for largest unique individual comic collection"
    I applied for the record myself and drove that activity. The British publications picked up on me applying, they were not the ones that notified Guinness.