New Figure King #200 Scan – TakaraTomy Brainstorm, Swerve, Tailgate, and New Campaign Weapons

Fan site TagHobby has taken a photo of some of the Transformers figures in the soon to be released Figure King #200 magazine.

In this issue we get a look at TakaraTomy’s versions of Generations Brainstorm, Swerve, and Tailgate via their Legends line.  As stated in our article last week, Brainstorm features numerous additional details in robot form, while Swerve and Tailgate feature decos very similar to their original G1 counterparts.  The photo of the magazine also gives us our first look (albeit very dark) at Swerve and Tailgate’s Micromaster partners – Phaser and Groundbuster.  Groundbuster features a different deco than his Hasbro counterpart and Phaser replaces Flanker / Sky High and features a deco based on the Micromaster he’s named after.  Phaser’s gun mode is also decoed like Swerve’s My First Blaster from IDW’s More Than Meets The Eye comic.
In the photo we also get a look at Legends Rattrap and Optimus Primal’s packaging.  Both figures are due out next month.  Cloud Hellwarp and Roadbuster are also shown.
A new campaign featuring weapons from Transformers Prime and Beast Hunters will be running soon with a purchase of Takara’s Lost Age / Movie Advanced line.  The weapons are Ptera Spear (Transformers Prime Knockout’s staff), Spino Hammer (Beast Hunter Twinstrike’s Hammer), Tricera Mace (Beast Hunter Windrazor’s Mace), and Prime Axe (Beast Hunter Dreadwing’s Axe).
Last but not least, there are images of some of the cast members of the Transformers smart phone video game Transformers:  Ultimate All-stars.
Look for the Allspark to have hi-res scans of this magazine’s Transformers content as well as that from Dengeki Hobby in about a week’s time.
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