New Coloured Shots Of Warbotron WB03-A, AKA A Bot Of Techno, Wink Wink

Courtesy of site sponsor we have some wonderful new shots of a very finished looking WB03-A. It looks GREAT.

Curt was kind enough to forward these pics to us, of Warbotron’s WB03-A. TFSource’s pre-order for the figure is available by clicking right here. He’s due out in October, and is priced at $95.95US. Each WB03 team member transforms from vehicle to robot, and all five join together to form the mighty Warbotron. If it looks slightly familiar to you, then you may be onto something. It looks like a Bot Of Techno, almost like the five of them might enjoying computing and watching Tron. Hmmm.
The 3 full colour photos are the new ones. I’ve added some older shots of the grey prototypes in to show you the vehicle mode and the finished Combiner. Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the photos.