In-Hand Images of Generations Crosscut

From eHOBBY to the Transformers Collectors Club to IDW and now to Hasbro’s Generations line, Crosscut is a character who has been getting a lot of attention for a toy that couldn’t even make the jump from Diaclone to Transformers originally.
For those that may not know, during Diaclone (one of the toy lines that would eventually lead to Transformers) the Honda City R mold was released in a wide array of color schemes. To add even more variety, they were also given two different head sculpts! The blue and red Honda City R with a human-like face made its way into the Transformers line in 1985 as the Autobot tactician Skids, but the other colors and head sculpt were left forgotten. That is until eHOBBY revived the silver and red deco with the alternate head sculpt in 2002 as Autobot ambassador Crosscut. Since then Crosscut has grown into his own full-fledged Transformers character, and this new Generations toy shows just how far he’s come!
The Allspark has a few in-hand images of the Generations Crosscut figure, so Read On to check them out!