IDW Collection Phase Two Volume 1 In Stock And Shipping From Amazon US

A lot of people have been waiting keenly for this one, as this is the first volume of the post Chaos world, a soft reboot in some ways, with a drastically different direction, with the critically acclaimed creators James Roberts and John Barber taking the helm.

This volume contains The Death Of Optimus Prime one-shot along with More Than Meets The Eye #1-5, and Robots In Disguise #1-6. The beautiful cover is by the incredibly talented Sarah Stone, adding even more appeal to these oversized hardcover collections. It’s available now for $34.35US, and you can simply click right here to be taken directly to Amazon’s listing page for the book. Then get ready to enjoy, as you’ve got a great read ahead of you.
Below is Sarah’s gorgeous cover, setting the standard for the Phase Two Collections, in place of the Phase One covers, equally beautiful, by EJ Su. The future is very bright.
IDW Col. Phase 2 Vol 1 Sarah Stone Cover