Iacon Update – Cheets Tweaks Custom IDW Jhiaxus Plus, a Custom Neon Genesis Grimlock (AoE Grimlock Repaint) By Unluckiness!

Just a quick update on some of the many things going on in The Iacon Art Gallery this week! Today our featured art will be a Cheets Tweaks Custom of IDW Jhiaxus while our other featured art is a cutsom AoE Grimlock painted in the colors of Unit-01 (the remake version) from Neon Genesis Evangelion by Allspark user Unluckiness. Let’s have a look at both of their works below the break!

First off, we want to show you the Cheets Tweaks Custom IDW Jhiaxus. With this custom Cheetimus explains how he moved the wings to his back and altered the shin wings so that they slide in a bit like Armada Starscreams.

Now to show you the custom Neon Genesis Grimlock by Unluckiness.

Boy, it took a while to get this done. Ever since we saw pics of this toy’s robot head, I knew that it would be the successor to my first full-repaint custom (Unit-01 Classics Grimlock). Anyway, so in case for those who aren’t into animu, this is a repaint of Grimlock in the colors of this thing (Unit-01 Remake).
I went with the remake’s colors because the original Unit-01 colors are boring as heck. Anyway, not much thought went into this, really. Basically, It’s taking the colors and putting them into the analogous spots on Grimlock. It’s surprising how well the sculpting and design translated the color placement though.
I’ll probably redo the green parts once I get my hands on some glow-in-the-dark paint.

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